Mixed Media FF+E is new.  I am not. 

mixed media ff+e is a design resource for custom furniture, lighting, fine art, architectural elements and accessories.  Our customers include contract, hospitality and residential designers, architects, and specifiers.   Our designs are often one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in Phoenix, Arizona. Some products are in stock and ready for shipment while other products are built by order. We are always available to discuss your custom project requirements.

a little background about me.  My name is Angela Paladino. I can't remember when I wasn't making or designing something. Its what I love. No surprise that I'm still at it today.  I own a design and project management company - think hotels, restaurants, family and golf entertainment centers, commercial banks and a few residential projects. My favorite projects involve adaptive re-use of old warehouses and historic buildings.

design + reimagine + redefine found objects + new materials.  Search for ideas to use repurposed, recycled, and modern materials for design projects led to original creations. I'm not working alone.  Being a connector of people and maker has been a major part of my life so collaboration with other designers, fabricators and artists comes naturally and moves an idea from great to over-the-top great.  Each collaborator possesses a deep appreciation of hands-on traditional building techniques and cutting edge fabrication methods.

real + unique + raw + finished + big + bigger yet. So in the face of inexpensive flat-pack furniture,  knock-offs and under-sized vintage replicas, I shamelessly love real + unique, raw + finished.  My goal is to differentiate your project with our thought provoking, visually high impact furniture, fixtures and architectural elements. 

contact me:  if you would like information, want to place an order, discuss your unique project requirements, or just want to get to know me, simply email me or call at (602) 344-9877. Your contact and project information will not be shared with others.  Thank you for visiting our website.